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Kodi addons for sports are mentioned here in this article. We are going to discuss about best addons for sports. Addons of kodi are the latest sensation, attracting all the technology users towards it. Previously we have discussed about the latest kodi addons for movies. Here we are going to discuss about best kodi addons for sports. Sports play major part in so many people life. As a part of it, I selected this topic to explore the latest sports kodi addons. There are many good Kodi sports add-ons that can stream most any kind of sport content. The one thing that can be lacking is live events which can be a bit of a hit or miss if they work or not. Most often recorded sporting events will stream fine with live options needing improvement. With that said live streaming is constantly getting better with many nice add-ons available. If you have favorite Kodi sports add-on let us know in the comments below.

Are you looking for up-to-date and fully functional live sports addons for Kodi? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived at the right place. As you probably know, finding useful addons can be a bit tricky since some of them disappear over time. Even though legal troubles plague Kodi addons, there are also cases where developers simply turn to another project. This is why articles like this one are of great help since they show you the most up-to-date addons that you can install right away.

Why is a VPN Required When Using Kodi?

You’ve probably already heard about the necessity of using a VPN in combination with Kodi. There are numerous reasons why you should seriously consider doing this, as we are about to show you.

  • Some content on Kodi can be restricted to individual countries. We are sure you’ve encountered live streams that are limited to the U.S. alone.
  • Another important reason is your privacy and security. After hearing numerous stories about spying and the lack of Internet privacy, many of us are more than ready to take a few extra steps. A reliable VPN application completely encrypts your Internet traffic so that it becomes impenetrable to third parties.
  • The only downside to using a VPN is that your Internet connection speed will be throttled. However, this is where good and bad VPNs come into play. Using an unreliable service, your Internet speed can quickly drop by up to 50% or every more.

Best Live Sports Kodi Add-ons

There are a large number of live sports Kodi add-ons that you can use to access a variety of different sports channels. This list is subject to change, so be sure to check back regularly.

1.USTVNow Plus

USTVNow Plus is a Kodi add-on that offers free TV channels for the primary OTA networks. This means you can get ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, and PBS. You can also access My9 through here as well. For sports fans, that means you’ll have access to all the different sporting events that air through those channels. Should you want to expand USTVNow further, you can pay the company for access to even more cable channels. With a paid service, you’ll get access to NBC Sports Network and ESPN 2 among the two dozen other channels offered.

Among the many Kodi addons that disappeared in the recent Kodi addon shakeup, USTVNow is a survivor. This legally-available addon provides live TV to Kodi users, with the option to pay for a subscription to more. The USTVNow Kodi addon offers one of the safest and easiest viewing options for U.S. channels. While the add-on has a significantly expansive library, there are also some noticeable limitations.

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USTVNow Plus Installation Guide

The process for using USTVNow is slightly different than some other addons. While you can install this addon quite easily, you cannot use it until you’ve created an account on the USTVNow website. That includes for the free channels that are offered by the service.

For USTV Now Plus, begin by signing up for an account. 

The account is free, but you will need to do it in order to access the addons basic content. Go to their sign up page to create an account. The initial account gives you all access, but will eventually limit you to only 7 channels. The full 29 channel access is available with a subscription fee.

kodi addons for sports kodi addons for sports

Note: When signing up for an account, make sure to click on the Sign up with Email option. If you sign up using Google or Facebook, you will not be able to login to the USTVNow Plus service through the Kodi addon. The reason for this is that using the Google or Facebook signup does not create a traditional password. When you go to log in on the USTVNow Plus addon after signing up with Google or Facebook, your password for those accounts won’t work here. We suggest creating a new email address for this purpose or using an older email address. You can even use a Google email address, so long as you don’t use it through the Google account signup process.

Once your account is created, there are two options for installing the USTV Now plus Kodi addon: using the SuperRepo repository, or the Kodil (Kodisrael) Kodi repository.

Installation Method 1: SuperRepo

  • With SuperRepo installed, go to Addons
  • Click on the Package symbol (top left). Click on Install from repository
  • Find the SuperRepo Repository and select it
  • Click on Video Addons. Scroll down to find USTVNow Plus and select it. Click on Install
  • You will find the USTVNow Plus addon with your Video Addons

Installation Method 2: Kodil (Kodisrael) Repository

  • Open a new tab and enter the following link:
  • Open Kodi to your home screen. Click on Addons and then select the Package symbol (top left)
  • Click on Install from zip. Locate the file on your computer and click on it to install the Kodisrael Repository.
  • Return to the screen with Install from zip and then select Install from repository.
  • Locate the Repository. Click on it, and then select Video Addons. Scroll down to find USTVNow Plus. Click on it, and then select Install
  • You will find your USTVNow addon with the rest of your Video Addons 

2. Sportie

Sportie is back and better than ever. With the revamped version of Sportie, you can do it all: look up live streams, snatch links from Reddit and even view recordings of recent games. Before Sportie came out, we thought Pro Sport was the best sports add-on around. However, Sportie can do everything that Pro Sport can do and more – plus it requires less configuration.

How to Install Sportie on Kodi

In recent days, the old Colossus Repo website has been taken down. Fortunately, there are two workarounds available. You can either download Colossus Repo from the new Colossus site or download the Colossus Repo from GitHub and install it manually.

kodiaddons for sports

Method 1: Download the Colossus Repo from a website

Downloading the Colossus Repo from inside the Kodi client is the easiest way to install Sportie. Here are the instructions.

  • Open Kodi on your computer. Navigate to the gear icon, indicating settings, on the upper-left of your Kodi screen. Click this icon to open the settings menu.
  • Next, select File Manager. Here, you can manage your Kodi repositories and add new ones. Select Add source as seen in the below screenshot.
  • You’ll see the following screen. Double click <None>. Here, you’ll need to enter a working URL for the Colossus Kodi Repo.
  • Enter your preferred URL, and then name your media source. In this case, we’ve chosen “Sportie Colossus Repo.” Press OK to continue, and add this media source to Kodi.
  • Next, you’ll want to return to the Kodi main menu. This time instead of choosing settings, select Add-ons. Next, it’s time to begin the installation process. Select the open box icon on the top left to access the package installer.
  • Select Install from zip file. This will allow us to install the Colossus Repo. Next, select Sportie Colossus Repo.
  • Double-click the repo to select it. There will be a wide variety of repos available. Look for a file named (If you’re using a different repository than the Dimitrology Repo, your screen may look different, but the same file should be present.)
  • Press OK to continue. After a few seconds, a popup will appear indicating successful installation of the Colossus Repository. Next, navigate back to the main menu. Again, select the “open box” icon on the top-left to access the package installer.
  • Now, instead of selecting Install from zip, select Install from repository. This will allow us to install Sportie from the Colossus Repo.
  • Select Colossus Repository in the next screen. Choose Video add-ons. Select Sportie on the following screen. Next, press Install to download and install Sportie from the Colossus Repo.
  • Now, Sportie will be available in the Add-ons section of Kodi.

That’s it! You’ve installed Sportie and you’re all good to go.

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Method 2: Install Colossus Repo via GitHub

If the Colossus Repo is not working properly, you can download it manually via GitHub instead.

  • Begin by opening your web browser. Jump over to to access the most recent version of Colossus on Github. Click Clone or download, and then select Download ZIP. This will download the Colossal Repo directly in to download folder.
  • Start Kodi. Go to Add-Ons and select the open box icon to access the package installer.
  • Select Install from zip file. This will allow you to manually install the Colossus Repo from the GitHub file. Now, navigate to the location of the colossus repository zip file. Select the Colossus repository zip file and click OK to install it.
  • Select the Colossus repo file you downloaded. Your version number may differ. Source:

That’s it! You now have access to the Colossus Repository. Follow the steps outlined in Method 1 to install Sportie from the Colossus Repository.


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