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RSAT for Windows 10 article is for the users. In this article, we are going to discuss Remote Service Administration tools for windows 10. Before going to our topic let’s have a small discussion. Did you saw any system administrator? Yes, I saw. He will operate different servers which are connected to laptops/PC.  Really, it is a very difficult task which everyone cannot do. Work depends on a number of laptops or PC’s connected. Now the technology was developing very fast. As a part of it, a technology was released to the world. The tools are called windows RSAT tools for Windows 10. What is the use of this domain controller software? Let us see in detail.

What is RSAT for Windows 10?

Remote sensor administration tools are commonly known as RSAT tools. It was mainly designed for the windows users. The main aim of this toolkit is to make the work easier for users to administer windows server from a windows client machine. These tools are a package of administration tools that allow admins to manage running windows server from a remote computer that is running windows 10. This software includes so many features like cluster-aware updating, group policy, management, and Hyper –V management as well. The tools include network policy server tools, DHCP tools, IP management tools, Windows PowerShell cmdlets etc.

rsat for windows 10

Why RSAT for Windows 10 is useful for System admins?

These are an absolute must and should for all the admins who are controlling server administrators. You cannot install RSAT on computers that are running with home or standard editions of windows. You can install Remote sensor domain controller only in Professional or Enterprise editions of the Windows client operating systems. Finally, so many people found a number of ways to install the tool. By cracking the version manually or by following the guide provided by many other websites is really not so good procedure.

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Download RSAT for Windows 10 – Direct Download Links for Active Directory Tools

Here I am giving you direct download links to download the RSAT tool for windows 10. There are two links, one is for 32 bit and other is for 64 bit. Check the bit of your device and proceed to download the tool from here. The following are download links to get Remote Server Administrative Tools for all versions of Windows. Whatever the version is, you can simply grab RSAT for your Windows from here. All the given links are official and direct links and don’t contain any malware virus or ads. So you may go reliably with the downloading. If you wish not to download from here, you can go with the official website of RSAT. Please be careful while downloading the tools from third party websites. Some of the sites are giving malicious malware software’s. Check the reviews before downloading.

rsat for windows 10

Install RAST for Windows 10 for Free- Install Active Directory Admin Tools for Windows 10

After downloading the software from the above links whether 64-bit or 32-bit version, based upon your needs, you will then install it on any Windows 7 system that will be used to remotely manage your servers.

Note: In order to use we have to manage your servers and you do not need to install anything from external resources. The RSAT package will allow you to connect to the servers on your network as though you were using one of the tools on one of your servers, and allow you to perform all the management tasks on your network.

rsat for windows 10

Another very important note: The RSAT package uses local network connections and, in most cases, the RPC protocol, but NOT just RPC, also a large bunch of protocols and Firewall settings. This protocol is not exactly passed through a Firewall (greatly it can be passed; it’s all a question of configuration). Therefore, if the Windows 7 workstation used to manage the servers is INSIDE the SAME physical LAN, you will probably not have any issues connecting to the servers and managing them. However, if the Windows 7 workstation used to manage the servers is OUTSIDE the physical LAN, and connecting to the servers through some sort of WAN connection AND through a Firewall, you will probably not be able to connect to the servers. In this case, what most administrators will do is either use RDP to connect to these servers or, when possible, use some sort of VPN or SSL-VPN connection to the network.

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As long as you’re using Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise, you can install Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows 10. On Windows servers, this forms part of the standard Windows Server Administrative Tools but has been released as a downloadable snap-in for Windows 10. It removes the restriction for admins to be using or remote desktop into a Windows Server to administer their domains.

Follow the Below Steps to Install RSAT for Windows 10

  • First, Download the RSAT Software from the given links or from the official website.
  • Select Download option in the website, select the correct operating system and download the file. Select the latest RSAT release for maximum compatibility.
  • Install RSAT from the download.
  • Type ‘control’ into the Search box to bring up the Control Panel again.
  • Select Programs and then Programs and Features next switch to Turn Windows features on or off.
  • Select Remote Server Administration Tools and then Role Administration Tools in the options available here.
  • Select AD DS and AD LDS Tools. Check the box by AD DS Tools and select OK.
  • You have now installed and enabled Active Directory Users and Computers in Windows 10. You should now be able to see it in Control Panel.
  • Open Control Panel if you closed it. Navigate to Administrative Tools and next Select Active Directory Users and Computers.

You should now be able to perform most of the usual daily tasks you need to on remote servers.

rsat for windows 10


As this is server stuff, you can also install Active Directory Users and Computers using the command line. Just three commands will install RSAT and have you up and running.

  1. Open a command line window as an administrator.
  2. Type ‘dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:RSATClient-Roles-AD’ and hit Enter.
  3. Type ‘dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:RSATClient-Roles-AD-DS’ and hit Enter.
  4. Type ‘dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:RSATClient-Roles-AD-DS-SnapIns’ and hit Enter.

This will install and integrate Active Directory Users and Computers into Windows 10 ready for you to use.


Here, as a result, we baniyatech came to conclusion on Download and Install RSAT for Windows 10. RSAT is not only for Windows 10, but it can also be used in Windows 7/8/8.1. All the information I got about this article had kept in the above. Up to my knowledge, I gave all the info about RSAT for windows. If you have any queries regarding this article, please post the queries in the comment box. Share this article if you like it.



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